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The one-third rule.

When positioning your dock it can extend 1/3 of the cove cove width.  If any part of the dock is wider than 6' it is considered mooreable and should be reduced by 10' in length.  If it is 6' or less it can typically go the full 1/3rd assuming it is not designed to accommodate a mooring at the end, like a boat lift.  The idea is for no part of a dock or any watercraft moored to it can extend more than 1/3 of the distance across a cove in order to maintain the public’s ability to navigate through narrow channels.  If the property has several coves around it the shortest distance to the nearest opposite shoreline is where the measurement can be taken.

How many feet of shoreline is required to build a dock on Lake Wylie?

A lot having less than 100’ of “Residential” shoreline must have been recorded before 9/1/2006.  A survey to document that this lot was recorded before that date.    

2018 Rule - Grandfathered Docks - no more floating to fixed conversions.

2019 Rule Change - Maximum one step-down per dock.



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