Air Displacement Lifts


Perfect for docks with vertical pilings above the deck surface.  Optional dock stand is used for pilings that do not extend beyond the deck surface.  Our 2000 lbs. PWC & Jet Ski Lift model is designed to bolt directly to a piling and is fully motorized.  110V power required.  Walkboard and remote control options available.

Pole Mounted Electric Jet Ski Lifts

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Jet-Ski lift solutions

We offer several different options to get your jet-ski out of the water.  We can help guide you to the solution that makes most sense for your dock and use.

Power on, push off.  No power required.  Can be side-mount and front mounted as well as connected in the middle.  Add-on dock options available to create a larger walking area.

A standard 4-pole boat lift modified to fit two jet-skis.  Multi-level bunks system so one ski floats before the other.  Requires 110/220V power.

EZ Port Drive-On Ports

Air assist 1400 lbs. jet-ski lifts.  Can be side and front mounted and comes standard with walkboards.  These lifts work best when 110v power is available and must be installed on a floating dock.

Double Jet-Ski Lift