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Do you still pay your contractor by check?  
Think about using a check for a second.  You have to get the check book out.  You are paying for that check.  You have to write out all that information. You aren't getting points or any benefits from writing that check.  You then have to arrange for a time to meet your builder.  The builder has to drive from one location to your home to get the check.  They then have to go to the bank.  And now the check takes 5 days to clear....
etc, etc, etc......
How much time have both of you just wasted ?
Introducing 21st century payment with WaterJack Marine Construction:

At WaterJack Marine Construction, you can make direct payments through our accounting system.  Payments are wired from your bank account to ours via a payment portal in our Quickbooks Online Accounting software.  The connection is encrypted with the same security as your online banking.  Your dock contract will outline the deposit and draw schedule.  Once you've entered your bank account and routing information one time it is saved for future payments.  It takes only a couple minutes to setup and future payments take seconds.  Once we have a contract in place we will send you an invoice that will have an embedded PAY INVOICE button.  

Contact WaterJack Marine Construction and talk about the best way for you to set up 21st century payment and billing.  

Here's an example of what we see on our end when a payment is received: