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Two-Piece Rail with Trex Top Cap (Cocktail Rail)

An economic solution to a handrail system on your dock.  The top surface is wide enough to be used as an area to hold a book or cocktail, hence the 'cocktail rail' name.  

Powder Coated Custom Railing Gallery:

Trex Select skirt boards may be applied to outer rim joists or stair stringers. It eliminates the need to paint or stain construction grade lumber because it matches Trex colors perfectly and features a high definition wood grain.

Trex Skirt Board

There are several handrail designs to choose from.  We will add more pictures soon.

We use a non-fraying UV resitant Nylon rope special ordered from an out-of-state manufacturer.  Like alot of things we do, it costs a little more up front but you'll never have to replace this rope. 

It's a great cost/value solution for this style handrail and our most popular option.

Nylon Rope Handrail:

Trex Signature Rail​​

Effortless style, exceptional strength—that’s Signature Railing.

Think sleek, spare aluminum deck rails that fade into your surroundings. Think wider cocktail rails that encourage guests to linger just awhile longer. Think you.

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Handrail Options: