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WaterJack Marine Construction
"The team at Waterjack (designers, fabricators, carpenters and roofers) really did a superb job of adding innovation and creativity into our dock build. From start to finish they proposed new and novel ideas that made our dock so usable and practical. They thought through every aspect of daily use, winter storage, entertaining and ideas for convenient lounging on the dock. They especially understand how to reduce or eliminate any maintenance and daily wear and tear - this dock will easily outlast me and still be looking new. The attention to detail in the design and construction was outstanding and when they had a question - the answer was always "add more bolts, another steel brace or double up the wood" they never skimped on materials or construction. Five stars are not enough for these guys." —Customer Smith

Smith Dock​Crowders Creek, Lake Wylie

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Dock Features

- Trex Select Pebbly Grey decking 
- Doozie 7000 lbs. 2-motor boathouse lift 
- Boat lift has tri-toon floor adapter
- Interior pile guides at roof poles
- Burnished Slate Metal Roof
- Boathouse roof with 3' overhang