Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! We consider this an important asset for your protection. We have a South Carolina Marine General Contractor license (#G118149) and are fully insured. Certificates of Liability and Workers Compensation are available upon request.

What areas do you service?

We have been staying close to home on Lake Wylie for new dock construction and shoreline stabilization projects. However, if we have an opening in our schedule we may consider coming to you within a 50 mile radius Lake Wylie, SC. Contact us for details – 704-290-4549.

What if I want to build something other than the standard cookie cutter boathouse?

Every dock and boathouse we build is customized to suit your design preference, as well as to your specific property, watercraft and lifestyle needs.

How far does my property extend into the water?

Duke Energy controls the water and shoreline of Lake Wylie in SC and NC. In almost all cases they own the land up to what is considered the “High Water Mark” on your property. This high water mark is also referred to the 570 elevation and Full Pond Contour. A property survey will reveal the details of where your property ends and theirs begins.

Do I have to obtain my own permits, and how much will that cost?

We will obtain all required permits on your behalf. In many cases a city/county permit and Duke Energy permit is required. Both the county and Duke Energy require the proper permits be issued prior to construction. The average cost of the permits range from $350 to over $1000 depending on where you are on the lake. Each county has a different set of rules. The cost of permits are outlined in your contract price.

Is there a limitation on how big and where I can build my new dock?

Yes. Duke Energy limits your dock construction to 1000 square feet but we can fit a lot of dock in that amount of real estate. We use GIS and survey information to accurately determine your ‘buildable area’ prior to submitting your applications. We get your project approved on the very first submission. All we need are a few signatures on your permit paperwork and we handle the rest.

What makes WaterJack Marine Construction different from other dock builders?

WaterJack Marine Construction does not cut corners. We have built our reputation by following strict construction practices that meet or exceed all building code and safety regulations required by law. All construction drawings are are engineered based on what we know will last based on our years of experience building on the lake. We use only Grade A materials and structurally reinforce all tall pilings, girders and roof support systems. Although there are several pictures of our work here on the website, there’s nothing like seeing it in person. I would invite you to come with me before making your decision so I can show you the difference in person.

Why are the pilings so important?

​The pilings are critical for creating the foundation support for the structure. Our pile driving barge was built to have the most accurate piling placement possible. Pilings are driven into the ground until refusal to ensure a stable base for your new pier or boathouse.

What kind of options should I consider when planning my boathouse?

Structural considerations are the first to think about. Think about the style and color of the roof, deck and siding materials you will need to choose. Consider how you will use the space for entertaining, water activities and storage including the type and number of watercraft to be housed. Choices of features and finishings are limited only by your imagination and budget. Careful thought and consideration early in the process can save valuable dollars in the long run.