Floating Boat Lifts

​​Capacities 4,000 lbs. up to 15,000 lbs.

Standard specifications:

  • Vee Hull bunks
  • Front Mount or Side Mount
  • Polymer bunks (not wood/carpet)
  • Small Profile Blower

Optional Accessory:

  • Pontoon bunks
  • Tri-toon bunks
  • Neighbor guard
  • Remove Control
  • Tall Blower

Front Mount Boat Lifts

  • Works for any V-hull or pontoon boat
    Ideal for rough and shallow water
  • Rear of lift drops into water and boat loads as easily as onto a trailer
  • Strengthens dock by increasing buoyancy to the dock when in the up position
  • Strongest lift in the industry with the best warranty available

4 Corner Boat Lifts

  • Works for any V-hull or pontoon boat.
  • Attaches in four places to each side of slip
  • Completely submerges under water
  • Custom nylon bushings allow for smooth and quiet operation
  • Dual Pittman arms for optimum stability
  • Minimal metal in water means your investment lasts longer
Lake Wylie Dock Builder